The 8th Annual Conference of the California Association for Asian and Pacific American Education (CAAPAE) will be held on Saturday, June 25th, 2016 at CSUN in Northridge, California. The theme of the 2016 conference is “From Challenge to Success: Building Literacy for All Students.”  The 2016 CAAPAE’s Annual Meeting theme is a call for critical examination of the state of educational practices that support the learning of content and the development of academic language, literacy skills, and biliteracy among all students, including Asian and Pacific American students.

Following closely behind the historical and nationwide (forty-two states) adaptation and implementation of the Common Core State Standards anchored to the College and Career Readiness Standards meant for all states of the nation, in December 2015, President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) into law. ESSA reauthorizes the 50-year-old Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), a civil rights law, which was signed into law in 1965 to support full educational opportunity for all students. Closely reflecting and extending the goals of ESEA, ESSA includes provisions that advance educational equity for America’s disadvantaged and high-need students, including English learners; “require, for the first time, that all students be taught high academic standards that will prepare them to succeed in college and careers;” and improve the quality of instruction.

The Annual Meeting will feature and bring to light critical studies that examine educational equity and effective instructional practices, learned from classroom research, for teaching high academic content, literacy skills, and/or biliteracy skills for all students, including English learners of Asian and Pacific American backgrounds. Also featured in the Annual Meeting will be research-based educational practices and approaches that support the development of technology-based twenty-first century skills which will prepare them for success in college and careers in today’s globalized economy and society. The featured topics will reflect CAAPAE’s mission to promote the sharing of resources to improve education and to support research in Asian and Pacific American educational issues, and the goals and aspirations of the ESSA and the CCSS.

Topics and strands include:

  • Meeting the Needs of Asian English Learners;

  • Maximizing the Potential of Diverse Learners;

  • Dual Language Education;

  • Common Core State Standards;

  • CA ELD Standards;

  • Cultural Characteristics of Asian American Students;

  • APA Leadership Development;

  • Technology in Diverse Classrooms;

  • Community-School-University Partnerships.  

2016 Call for Proposals